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Data set for a method of non-destructive determination of the fresh sugar beet mass between emergence and harvest5428/14/2018 11:58:10 AM103
Multivariable field trial data sets of organic and extensive cropping systems for agro-ecosystem modelling in 1992-1998 from Müncheberg,Germany35698/15/2018 5:56:20 AM42
Effects of rainfall events on the water storage characteristic of a shallow water table site - lysimeter data112368/20/2018 8:25:11 AM7
Dust measurements in Inner Mongolian grasslands73538/9/2018 11:02:41 AM81
Long-term data set for soil characteristics on a set aside area in North-East Germany1758/9/2018 11:03:04 AM36
A daily time-step observed and scenario climate dataset on a European grid for crop modelling applications7108/9/2018 10:21:06 AM112
Weather Data 2016, Dedelow, Germany7118/9/2018 5:53:17 AM32
Divergent NEE balances from manual-chamber CO2 fluxes linked to different measurement and gap-filling strategies: A source for uncertainty of estimated terrestrial C sources and sinks?23688/9/2018 6:49:04 AM25
Soil data of research and experimental stations25058/9/2018 6:16:19 AM28
22-years time series of observed daily soil water contents and pressure heads under rain-fed conditions from agricultural field plots at the Experimental Station Müncheberg, Germany43268/9/2018 6:21:22 AM109
Hydraulic properties of North East and Central German mineral soils85027/31/2018 6:39:18 AM78
Geophysical-Based Modeling of a Kettle Hole Catchment of the Morainic Soil Landscape89788/9/2018 6:15:23 AM53
Hydraulic properties of North East and Central German organic soils228508/9/2018 9:09:03 AM52
Weather Data 1983, Hohenfinow, Germany228517/31/2018 6:47:03 AM45
Weather Data 1984, Hohenfinow, Germany228527/31/2018 6:51:25 AM30
Weather Data 1985, Hohenfinow, Germany228537/31/2018 7:00:34 AM25
Weather Data 1986, Hohenfinow, Germany228547/31/2018 7:08:56 AM26
Weather Data 1989, Hohenfinow, Germany228578/9/2018 6:57:52 AM18
Weather Data 1991, Muencheberg, Germany228598/9/2018 6:57:04 AM13
Weather Data 1991, Dedelow, Germany228618/9/2018 6:16:58 AM38
Weather Data 1992, Muencheberg, Germany228628/9/2018 6:56:12 AM14
Weather Data 1992, Hohenfinow, Germany228638/9/2018 6:54:08 AM11
Comprehensive multivariable field data set for agro-ecosystem modelling from Muencheberg Experimental Stations in 1992 - 1998 228658/8/2018 12:25:26 PM77
Weather Data 1993, Hohenfinow, Germany228698/9/2018 9:07:32 AM20
Weather Data 1993, Dedelow, Germany228708/9/2018 6:13:43 AM12
Weather Data 1993, Ziethen, Germany228718/9/2018 9:11:35 AM16
Long-term soil hydrological data of a Pleistocene region in North-East Germany228798/9/2018 5:37:27 AM20
Measurement of stream water chemical ingredients, Quillow catchment, Germany228918/9/2018 6:46:03 AM21
Weather Data 1999, Dedelow, Germany228948/9/2018 6:07:19 AM10
Weather Data 2000, Dedelow, Germany228978/9/2018 6:06:07 AM5
Measurement of ground water chemical ingredients, Quillow catchment, Germany228988/9/2018 6:50:43 AM26
Measurement of groundwater heads, Quillow catchment, Germany228998/9/2018 6:47:03 AM28
Weather Data 2003, Muencheberg, Germany229078/9/2018 5:47:24 AM7
Soil hydraulic functions of international soils measured with the Extended Evaporation Method (EEM) and the HYPROP device229098/9/2018 5:38:38 AM19
A comprehensive data set demonstrating the spatial variability of soil properties at field scale229108/9/2018 5:15:05 AM31
Sap flux density in 10 stems of a mature beech forest in the northeastern lowlands of Germany 229178/9/2018 6:42:04 AM20
Weather Data 2006, Ziethen, Germany229218/9/2018 10:25:30 AM4
Data on moss and lichen decomposition rates and nutrient loss from old-growth and harvested high-boreal forests estimated using the litterbag and minicontainer methods229258/9/2018 6:42:58 AM16
Weather Data 2011, Muencheberg, Germany 229368/9/2018 5:34:33 AM12
Maize C-dynamics are driven by soil erosion state and plant phenology rather than N-fertilization form229378/9/2018 6:38:44 AM13
A standardized conceptual and practical approach to automatically model ecosystem CO2 fluxes based on periodic closed chamber measurements229388/9/2018 6:48:42 AM18
Young alder trees reduced the climate effect of a fen peat meadow with fluctuating water tables229418/9/2018 6:43:55 AM22
Weather Data 2013, Muencheberg, Germany229438/9/2018 5:32:08 AM10
Data sets of experimental study on retardation of a heavy NAPL vapor in partially saturated porous media229448/9/2018 6:55:54 AM11
Land-use and hydroperiod affect kettle hole sediment carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry229458/9/2018 6:52:34 AM6
Soil hydraulic functions of horticultural substrates229488/9/2018 6:52:48 AM21
Matric potential and soil water content data of eroded Luvisols in weighing lysimeters229498/9/2018 5:19:34 AM20
Weather Data 2015, Muencheberg, Germany229508/9/2018 5:48:06 AM18
Weather Data 2015, Dedelow, Germany229518/9/2018 5:54:06 AM17
A simple method to assess the impact of sealing, headspace mixing and pressure vent on airtightness of manual closed chambers229528/9/2018 6:50:26 AM18